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Nicolette’s Shining Light List :
“ For Good entertainment above the fray ” . . .

New Movies out today:

GOD’S  NOT  DEAD 2, The Movie ”


“ THE  RALLY  2 ”

     Many people are tired of pop culture flash & trash, and re-makes of films & TV series which are never as good as their originals !  It’s almost impossible to find uplifting, edifying, enjoyable TV, Movies, Books, Music, and  Radio without all the vulgarity & negativity ! ! !  Yes, it is difficult to find media WITHOUT Pop Culture’s “GRATUITOUS Five NEGATIVE “D’s” :  Disturbing, Decadent, Destructive, Degenerate, Dark.  “There’s enough of that in today’s world.  Who needs it for Entertainment, Music, & even Commercials ! ” 
     So where can you find some Shining Lights amongst pop culture’s darkness?  Where can you find refreshing entertainment above the fray?  Well here are some ideas... 
including several of Nicolette & friend’s favorites... to help begin your journey...
                               Have fun & remember to check back often for updates. . . .
Books & Authors
Children’s Books

“Drop Dead !”, a farce by Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore

    “A laugh a minute murder mystery about actors attempting to put on a play in effort to revive their careers...so no matter what, the show must go on through opening night ! ”

“Escanaba In Da Moonlight”, by Jeff Daniels

    “So hilarious and fun, Nicolette and friends saw it twice in the same week!  The play is even funnier than the movie!”

“Boeing-Boeing”, by Marc Camoletti

     “It was a hoot on Broadway!  Would like to see it again.”

Sit Com:  “The Middle”

                 “Fun, funny, heartwarming slices of middle America life.”

Hallmark Films, When Calls The Heart The Hallmark Channel

                 “Intriguing, romantic, historical, with mystery.  Directed by Michael Landon Jr.”

TCM, Turner Classic Movies

TV Series, “Psych”, USA Network

TV Series, “Come On Over”,  TBN Network

                  “Fun creative show encourages children & adults to

                  ‘Get off the couch!  Go outside and play!’

PureFlix Entertainment:   PureFlix.com

  “So many wonderful, uniquely inspiring and enjoyable films.  Expertly written, directed, and acted.  Inspiring adventure, comedy, and insightful food for thought.  Top quality filmmaking without the usual gratuitous tiresome trash !”

         “Jerusalem Countdown”  “Like “24” but with truth & substance!”  (book by John Hagee)

             (Starring:  Lee Majors, Stacy Keach, Randy Travis, David A. R. White)

         “The Rally”, A Rick Reyna Film

             (Starring Rick Reyna, & T-Bone, Kenneth Copeland)

         “Christmas Angel” (Starring Della Reese, Teri Polo, Kevin Sorbo)

         “In The Blink of an Eye” (Starring Eric Roberts, David A. R. White, Logan White)

Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change by John Hagee

     “Regarding this year’s Eclipse, the coming eclipse, prophecy, and the world.”

Rush Revere and The Brave Pilgrims, Author.....  Rush Limbaugh

    “Fun time travel through historically true facts about the United States of America.            

     A must read for adults and children...as well as teachers who don’t really know our


“Rush Revere and the First Patriots”, Author.....Rush Limbaugh

“Skipping Christmas”, Author.....  John Grisham

Debbie Macomber, Author / Producer.....   DebbieMacomber.com

  “Fun, wholesome, refreshing romantic stories to warm your heart and give you hope.”

  “Debbie’s Christmas movies & books are also wonderful.  Check out her Angels book series about Angels Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy.”

Sophie Kinsella, Author..... SophieKinsella.com

  “Hilariously fun.  Fashionable flash without the trash!  And always a little mystery to solve.”

   Including her books:  “My Not So Perfect Life”, “The Undomestic Goddess”,                        

   “Twenties Girl”, and “I’ve Got Your Number”

Hester Browne, Author.....  Simonandschuster.com

  “Classy, witty, fun, with mystery.  Well written modern literature.”

   Including her books:  “Little Lady Agency”, “Finishing Touches”, and

                                     “Swept Off Her Feet”

Joel Osteen, Author ..... Simonandschuster.com

“The Power of Positive Thinking”, by Norman Vincent Peale

“See You At The Top”, by Zig Ziglar

         Nicolette met with him twice and says:  “Zig Ziglar was so inspiring, wise, and kind,

         so genuine and nice.  A real shining light.”

“As A Man Thinketh”, by James Allen

         Nicolette says:  “This book was given to me by a fellow model years ago.  I still have it, cherish it, and have since given many copies to family, friends, and loved ones...It is so true and so profound.”

Films on DVD

“First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story”, by Noriko & Don Carroll 

  “Intriguing, educational nature footage, photography, and commentary, by husband & wife


“Stranger In The Woods”, by Carl Sams & Jean Stoick

    “Beautiful fun educational film for children of all ages, by husband & wife photographers.”

“Four Blood Moons: Something Is About To Change” by John Hagee

     “About this year’s Eclipse, coming eclipses, prophecy, and the world.”

“Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims”, by Rush Limbaugh

  “It is so much fun for adults and children of all ages!  The author does an amazing and       

   fun job of narrating this book.”

“Rush Revere and the First Patriots”, by Rush Limbaugh

“I Declare”, by Joel Osteen

“The Power Of Positive Thinking”, by Norman Vincent Peale

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, by Rush Limbaugh  ( “Time travel goes back into true historical facts!  Adults love it too!” )

“Rush Revere and the First Patriots”, by Rush Limbaugh ( “Time travel goes back into true historical facts!   Adults love it too!” )

“Stranger In The Woods”, by Carl Sams & Jean Stoick  (“Beautiful photography!”)

“Tea With Lady Sapphire”, by Carl Sams & Jean Stoick  (“Beautiful photography.”)

“Parental Guidance” (Starring Bette Midler & Billy Crystal)

    “Like Billy Crystal & Bette Midler’s characters in ‘Parental Guidance’, we’ve all had the       

    displeasure of being around spoiled bratty children & the parents who enable such

    behavior by laziness or trying to befriend instead of parent !  ‘Parental Guidance’ is a

    refreshingly “non-gutter”, cleanly funny true to life modern film with a timeless lesson.”

“Guilt Trip”  (Starring Barbara Streisand & Seth Rogen)

    “Hilariously fun movie about an adult son and his “empty nest” mother... With the help of

    an unexpected mother & son road trip, they both grow-up and learn to live and enjoy their

    own   lives.”

Larry Levinson, Producer,

   & Hallmark Films

   “Check out Larry’s movies for Hallmark; they are Uplifting, delightful, enjoyable refreshing entertainment; like a classic film, enjoyable over and over again!’

Hallmark Films:

    “Mrs. Miracle” (Starring James Van Der Beek, Doris Roberts) ..book by Debbie Macomber

    “Trading Christmas”  (Starring Faith Ford, Tom Cavanagh) ..book by Debbie Macomber

     “Did you know that the subconscious mind absorbs song LYRICS even if you are only paying attention to the music?  Pay attention to the lyrics from now on and be selective about what you absorb consciously or subconsciously.”

     “Have you ever noticed the volume of people’s voices at a restaurant or party is “Quieter” around medium level Classical & Relaxing Piano MUSIC, and “Louder” around Rock, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal Music?”

     “MUSIC can adversely or favorably affect your moods, voice, and health & productivity.  MUSIC can Agitate, Anger, Relax, or Inspire you.  So pay attention to the MUSIC you allow into your personal atmosphere.”

     “Have you ever wondered why people feel good around positive CHRISTMAS  MUSIC and during the Christmas Season when there is a little bit of Light shed upon the world ?” To lift your mood, try listening to cheerful positive Christmas music throughout the year when you feel down ! ”

     “Classical Music & relaxing Piano Music inspire Artists and Writers.

     “Classical Music & relaxing Piano Music relieve stress.

     “Classical Music relaxes workers in hectic Offices.

     “Relaxing Piano & Classical Music can create a calm and / or romantic environment in

a Restaurant or Home.”   

     “People talk softer around Classical & relaxing Piano Music.

One day Nicolette found herself “again quickly hurrying out of the dressing room” of her favorite national department store . . . in a bad mood and went to a different store. “I’ve not been able to shop for clothes at  ‘_________’  for any longer than 15 minutes at a time for a couple of years now!”  What happened?  “The music was so aggravating, I couldn’t hurry out fast enough ! ”  Hence, the following facts from research:

Copyright © Nicolette Gallagher. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright ©

Nicolette Gallagher,

All Rights Reserved.

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